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Let’s face it, drains get clogged more often than we would like. Clogged drains are a fact of life, but you don’t have to live with them. And you certainly don’t have to wonder if the harsh drain cleaner you just used is really going to work, or if it’s going to corrode a hole in your pipes.

Raptor Rooter in Spokane, WA has the right tools, the expertise and the experience to unclog your blocked drains and keep them clear. We clean drains on kitchen and bathroom sinks, washing machines, toilets, main sewer lines, and more. Basically, we fix anything with a drain so the water and waste flows where they should go. Imagine a life with no more slow drains!

We will inspect your drains, rooter them out of any debris, and clean them so they work the way they should. If you have noticed, clogged showers and sinks can also smell bad. Once we remove the gunk – whatever is blocking your waste line – you will notice the smells will go away as well.

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What causes a blocked drain?

Drains get clogged. That’s the unfortunate truth. The most common causes for blocked drains include: hair, non-flushable wipes, toys or other foreign objects. Most of the time we can easily clear the blockage with a plumber’s snake.

To prevent blocked drains, try using a strainer to catch soap pieces and hair. Don’t pour oil and grease down the drain. And try to avoid using caustic chemicals on drains that are completely clogged.

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