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Backflow Replacement

Keep your water clean with contamination prevention!

Backflow Replacement In Spokane

Our plumbing systems are complicated and require various components to work together in unison to do everything we require of them. Shut-off valves, faucets, water heaters and drainage systems are just a few examples of these many components — and the professionals here at Raptor Rooter & Plumbing work hard to stay well-versed in them all.

No home is the same, and every plumbing system will have different requirements. Backflow preventers are a pivotal component that are critical for maintaining the safety and purity of the water supply in some homes. To give our customers the absolute best service possible, our team works hard to stay up to date with all of the latest in backflow prevention techniques and equipment so that we always have access to expert backflow services when needed.

backflow preventer installed in the yard of a Spokane home

What Does A Backflow Preventer do?

As mentioned above, you ask a lot from your home’s water system. Instant showers, clean drinking water, water for cleaning, waste removal and irrigation are just a few of the demands required.

Sometimes, as is the case with irrigation systems, the water it uses to function must remain separate from the water supply of the rest of your home.

This is where backflow preventers come in. Without a backflow preventer, polluted water can flow back into the mainline of your home, contaminating your clean water.

The units are installed in between your home’s mainline and whatever system needs to remain separate.

How To Know If Your Backflow Preventer Needs To Be Replaced?

Your backflow preventer is out of the way, and it’s understandable if you rarely think about it. However, because of the consequences associated with backflow, homeowners must be aware of the condition of their backflow preventers to ensure that their cooking, drinking and cleaning water isn’t being contaminated by harmful chemicals. To help out, here are a few key signs indicating that you might require backflow preventer replacement.


The entire purpose of the backflow preventer is to control water and prevent cross-contamination between water systems. Noticing water leaking from a backflow preventer can indicate that it might need to be replaced.

Water Pressure Issues

Because backflow preventers are installed at junctions where two water systems meet and pressures tend to change, these units tend to be a common culprit when water pressure becomes low or erratic.


In some areas, in certain circumstances, having a backflow preventer is a matter of state or city ordinance, and each device must meet a strict set of standards and requirements. It’s rare, but not unheard of, for city ordinances to change, causing current units to fall out of compliance.


Most backflow preventers are designed to last around five years and then be replaced. Given that they are fairly reliable, this is the most common reason for replacement and is essentially a matter of routine plumbing maintenance.

Raptor Rooter — Backflow Rated

Plumbing is a complicated industry with a multitude of different certifications and training courses that technicians can take to ensure that they are as knowledgeable as possible about their trade. When a customer chooses us for their backflow prevention services, they can rest assured that every one of our plumbers is fully trained and certified to do any type of backflow work you could need.

Raptor Rooting Is Your Water Defender, With Our Backflow Preventer

If the purity of your water is a priority for you, and you’re looking for the best in Spokane backflow prevention, call Raptor Rooter & Plumbing and find out why we’ve built a reputation for being the best around when it comes to all things plumbing.

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