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When your drains start to fight back, let us tame them!

Drain Services In Spokane

Your drains are an essential part of your plumbing system. After all, a drainage issue can prevent water from flowing down your pipes. When this occurs, you may experience standing water in your fixtures or abnormal odors from your pipes. Thankfully, drain services can help you regain a fully functioning plumbing system!

Raptor Rooter & Plumbing has been dedicated to your Spokane home since 2017! Our local business is here to cater to all your plumbing needs, from minor clogs to a main line disruption. With our continuing education and multiple certifications, you can trust your drainage system is in good hands.

water draining in kitchen sink

What Causes A Clogged Drain?

Every homeowner is bound to experience a dreadful drain clog. Although it’s frustrating, many blockages can be prevented by properly disposing of specific objects. A few items you should avoid putting down your pipes are:

  • Grease and oils
  • Coffee grounds
  • Feminine hygiene + makeup products
  • “Flushable” wipes
  • Napkins, paper towels and cotton balls

You can prevent buildup within your pipes by properly disposing of these objects. However, some items will inevitably make their way into your drains. Excessive amounts of hair can cause a blockage in your fixtures but can be removed with a professional cleaning service.

Methods Of Tough Drain Clog Removal In Spokane

Drain clogs don’t go away on their own. Many of them put up a fight during cleaning services. But with the help of Raptor Rooter’s effective clog removal solutions, you won’t have to worry about pipe buildup any longer!

Drain Snaking

Contrary to the name, the drain snaking method does not include a reptile slithering inside your pipes. A drain snake is a flexible metal cable used to dislodge plumbing clogs. It has an auger on the end that attacks buildup that a plunger can’t remove. The other end contains a handle, which the user twists to remove obstructions.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is another popular non-invasive plumbing solution to clear your drain buildup. A professional will use high-pressure water jets to remove debris and mineral deposits from your piping. The hose is a safe and effective form of clog removal and a method that Raptor Rooter is highly skilled at practicing!

Benefits Of A Professional Drain Cleaning

Dirty drains may not seem like an issue, but they can prevent you from getting the most from your plumbing system. A professional cleaning service will benefit your Spokane home in numerous ways. It will also keep your plumbing system running to the best of its ability!

Eliminate Unpleasant Smells

A lot of items go down your drain. Your kitchen sink consumes countless amounts of food scraps. Bathroom drains are prone to collecting hair and soap scum. Everyone knows what goes down your toilet. When blockages form, the material will undoubtedly begin to smell.

Mold and mildew thrive in warm and wet areas. This criterion makes your drains a prime breeding spot for hazardous spores. A cleaning service will eliminate these nasty odors, as well as bacteria that can make the members of your household sick.

Quicken Your Drains

Slow draining can produce standing water in your sinks or shower. The pooling liquid can become irritating and make daily tasks more difficult. Once your drains are professionally cleaned, it will reduce the chance of clogs, allowing water to go down your pipes quickly.

Keep Your Pipes Healthy

Healthy pipes are the key to a high-functioning plumbing system. If they’re taken care of, you’ll reduce the risk of early part replacements. You’ll also get the most from your piping and reduce the risk of corrosion on any metal elements.

High-Quality Drain Cleaning Services You Can Depend On

Raptor Rooter & Plumbing has a team of experts that you can put your faith in. Our company strives to provide our Spokane community with excellent plumbing-related services. Contact us to schedule your next drain cleaning service!

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