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Get eyes on the secrets of your sewer lines today!

Sewer Camera Inspections In Spokane

The inside of a sewer is a place that very few people aim to see. The spooky, dark and damp space is one that makes most people’s skin crawl. When a sewer-related issue occurs, a plumbing company will use cameras to find its cause. You can count on a professional to do the dirty work for you!

Raptor Rooter & Plumbing takes pride in our work. As a local business, our team strives to provide our Spokane residents with top-tier plumbing services. Your sewer system is an essential part of your household. When something is amiss with your pipes, you can trust us to find a solution that fits your needs.

plumber lowering a wire down for a sewer camera inspection

How Does A Spokane Sewer Camera Inspection Work?

During a camera inspection, we don’t shove a DSLR into your sewer system! Our professionals use a snake-like camera with high resolution and waterproof features.

A plumber will look for an access point to your sewage system. If one can’t be found, they will create one and insert the device into your pipes.

These high-quality cameras allow a plumber to view the inside of your sewers in real time. The footage is displayed using a ground-level screen. A professional will move the camera throughout your system, checking for potential issues.

The technology can also be used to conduct sewer-related repairs.

When To Schedule A Sewer Camera Inspection

Camera inspections come in handy, especially when checking the quality of your sewer system. The technology allows a plumber to take a close look at your piping. You’ll want to schedule an inspection based on a few factors. Ultimately, it will keep the system functioning effectively.

Your Pipes Are Old

Older pipes are prone to damage, such as leaks and corrosion. A camera inspection will catch any minor issues with the piping. The process can also help a plumber during a repair process. Older pipes require care and attention, two things you can count on a camera inspection to provide.

You Experience Frequent Plumbing Issues

Every homeowner is bound to experience an issue with their plumbing system at some point. However, frequent errors with your piping are not a typical occurrence. You may want to schedule a camera inspection if you notice any of the following:

  • Foul odors from drains
  • Slow-draining sinks
  • Standing water in your yard
  • Frequent drain clogs
  • Bubbling from your sinks and toilets

Nobody wants to deal with the consequences of an untreated sewer issue. Luckily, a camera inspection can help a plumber perform services that help your sewage system get into working order. It can also prevent future complications from occurring!

The Pipes Need To Be Appraised

Before selling your home, you may need to have the condition of your pipes appraised. In this case, a camera inspection service can be of assistance! Raptor Rooting has a team with trained eyes to assess the quality of your Spokane piping.

Benefits Of Inspecting Your Sewer Lines

With technology constantly evolving, cameras are a crucial tool at our disposal! A camera inspection service is non-invasive, preventing professionals from digging up your pipes to find an issue. The process is quick, only taking a few hours to complete. You’ll have the luxury of saving time and your sewer system.

Our inspection services are also highly-informative. Using our tools, we can discover the cause of those irritating plumbing-related issues. We’re also able to determine the quality of your pipes, providing you with solutions when you need them most.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words, And Your Sewer Line!

The Raptor Rooting & Plumbing team is continuously expanding our knowledge. With our multiple licenses and years of experience, you can count on us to take care of your Spokane sewer system. Contact us today to schedule your next sewer camera inspection service!

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