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Water Heaters

Keep your water hot as a lava flow with Raptor Rooter!

Water Heater Installation & Repair Experts In Spokane, WA

Water heaters are one of the key factors of modern living. They’re one of the devices that separate us from the bygone days of the dinosaurs. Having had access to instant hot water for most of our lives, these units are something that many of us take for granted — until we’re forced to take cold showers and search for reliable local water heater repairs.

Luckily, the Raptor Rooter & Plumbing team has access to the skills, knowledge and equipment to make your water heater issues a thing of the past. Whether it’s expert installations, reliable repairs or the maintenance that’ll keep your water heater running for years to come, we’ve established a reputation for being the best plumbers around Spokane and delivering a standard of customer service that’s second to none.

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Choosing The Right Water Heater

In the last several decades, water heater technology has advanced to the point where we can now offer our customers a range of water heating options so that we’re best equipped to provide the ideal solution for all their needs.

While water heating can range from high-end to almost primitive, our goal is to ensure all our customers never have to resort to heating water like our caveman forebears. Read on to learn about the most common types of water heaters being installed in homes today.

Tried & True: Traditional Natural Gas Tank Heaters

The most common type of water heater in the United States, natural gas tank heaters offer efficient and reliable hot water. This convenience comes at the cost of relying on fossil fuels and only having access to as much hot water as is held in your reservoir until more water is heated.

Electric Tank Heating Systems

Electric water heaters function by using a series of electric heating elements as a heat source instead of the combustion of natural gas. These units require less maintenance and can also help improve air quality. These benefits come at the cost of long term expense. When put under an equivalent workload, they result in higher monthly costs than their gas-powered counterparts.

Tankless Water Heaters For Eco-Friendly Homes

Representing one of the most innovative developments in water heating, tankless water heaters use natural gas to heat water on demand rather than relying on a set amount of preheated water from a tank. These units can provide unlimited hot water but become less efficient as water is drawn from multiple sources.

Whatever your living situation is or your hot water needs may be, we guarantee that our team has the skills to provide the best Spokane water heater installation for you.

Spokane’s Go-To Water Heater Repair Experts

We ask a lot out of our water heaters. We depend on them daily to withstand the stresses of high temperatures to provide our homes with reliable hot water. Anything that undergoes that kind of stress will break eventually – when that happens, our team is here to provide you with whatever type of water heater repair you could need.

Comprehensive Water Heater Maintenance Services

Quality maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure you get the most out of any home system — your water heater included. If you have a tank heater, it’s recommended that you have it regularly inspected and flushed at least every 6-12 months. Doing so will prevent the build-up of sediment and will go a long way toward helping your water heater last for years to come.

If you’re looking for the best in water heater maintenance, Raptor Rooter has you covered. No matter what type of water heater you’re using, we’ll comprehensively inspect your unit and do our best to make cold showers extinct.

Recirculation Pumps: Get Your Hot Water Faster

If your hot water is taking a long time to reach your faucet or showerhead, we can help! Your water heating unit is often tucked away in the garage or attic, which mean the hot water has quite a ways to travel to get to your faucet every time you need it. You may find yourself waiting several minutes to be able to hop into the shower — which can waste hundreds of gallons of water of the course of a year!

Luckily, recirculation pumps can help. A recirc pump is installed in your current plumbing, usually near your water heater. When you shut off your faucet, it circulates the leftover hot water in the pipes in a loop instead of letting the water grow cold. This ensures that hot water is much closer to the tap at any given moment.

If you’re interested in recirculation pump installation, our team can help you out.

Raptor Rooter — Spokane’s Water Heater Leader

When you want to accept nothing less than the best in your bathroom plumbing services, call the Raptor Rooter & Plumbing professionals. With over 20 years of experience under our belts, we’ve built a reputation for excellence and want to do everything we can to extend that tradition of superior service to you.

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