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Spokane, WA

Raptor Rooter

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From bathroom plumbing installations to kitchen plumbing repairs, your home is in the expert hands of Raptor Rooter. With our dedicated team of plumbers on your side, all your plumbing needs are well in hand. We have experience taking care of every part of your home, including pipes, appliances, leaks and more. If your plumbing feels like a fossil, we’ll unearth the solution that works.

When you’re ready for a plumbing team that makes YOUR plumbing issues EXTINCT, call on the best in the business. Raptor Rooter makes your plumbing flow smoothly all year long!

Drains + Sewers

Although your drains may seem like endless black holes capable of removing all waste, they’re not indestructible! When you start to hear some concerning growling and roaring from your drains or sewers, let Raptor Rooter take a look! Our team is truly out of this world, and you can bet that we’ll be able to wrangle the beasts in your pipes.

Take your home’s drainage from prehistoric to efficient by partnering with Raptor Rooter. Our CSRs are just a call away, and we’re dedicated to being a friendly and professional presence in every home we work in.

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